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Links Of Interest

The Official Homepage of the 1st Kentucky Brigade
THE site for information on the Orphan Brigade.
The Medich Battalion
The Authentic Campaigner


Let the Buyer Beware!
Just because a sutler sells something does not mean that it is authentic, or appropriate for the impression of the 9th Kentucky Company C. Check with the Military Authenticity Advisor or a knowledgeable person in the company before making any purchases.

The web site staff will try to provide only quality vendors.

Chas. Cantrell Uniforms

County Cloth Inc.

Tart, Brantley & Benjamin

Dirty Billy Hats

The Company Quartermaster
(De-farbed Enfields & Bayonets)

C&D Jarnagin's
War of Northern Aggression Catalog

Frazer Brothers
(Emphasis on Tinware and Canteens)

Randall County Military & Social Dry Goods
Randall & Colleen McLemore, Proprietors

More links are on the way...

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