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For more information, contact us via e-mail at:

Saginaw Valley Area:  
Picture of Mark
Pvt. I.P. Barnard (Mark Foster)

Southeastern Michigan:
Picture of Brian
Captain Moses Wickliffe (Brian Kirk)

Western Michigan:
Picture of Mike
Pvt. Mike Discher

Picture of Russ here
To contact the Authenticity Advisor, send e-mail to Pvt. P.C. Newman

Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image
To contact the staff of this site, send e-mail to
2nd Sgt. Geo Ranney


Unit Logo to go

OK, assuming that you didn't skip right to this page, this should be the last thing that you see. I want to put a smaller image of the logo at the end of this page with a little "thanks for visiting" type deal and that should just about do it. Tell me what you guys think, I need feedback or else this might not take off!!!

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